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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 12:12

First DNA forensics lab launched in Kabul

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has heaped praise on the new laboratory, describing it as a dramatic strike in fighting crime and implementation of transitional justice.
Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Abdullah said the new facility will help in undoing ambiguous criminal cases and discovering criminal offenses. He warned against any interference, misuse and corruption in the new facility, saying such acts will be tantamount to a national treason.
Pointing to people concern about increasing of crimes, he said that establishing of this center can be a positive step toward decreasing crime. Calling protection of staffs of the DNA laboratory a crucial step, he asked the related organs to pay attention in this element. Minister of Public Health Dr. Ferozudin Feroz said that due to lack of DNA laboratory center, the DNA cases were sent to abroad for diagnoses, which was a challenge to the ministry. He said that this DNA laboratory was equipped with modern machineries, which will address different criminal, judiciary and genetic cases. Deputy of Attorney General Office Noor Habib Jalal called establishing of DNA center a positive step in justice enforcement in the country.
Ministry of Interior Deputy Riaz Barmal despite high alert security still criminals can commit crime, so access to technologies will help police to decrease and avoid crimes in the country. He said that after committing crime, signs will be remained in the site of crime, so such technology will help police to reach criminals.


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