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PublishDate: Sunday, January 12, 2020 17:00

Afghanistan to Join Media Freedom Coalition: VP Danish

The VP’s office in a press release on Sunday said that Mr. Danish has made the remarks in a meeting with the UK Ambassador Alison Blake.
According to the press release, Danish welcomed Britain’s invitation to Afghanistan to become a member of the Media Freedom Coalition.

VP Danish has stressed that one of the issues that the Afghan government and people have unanimously emphasized in the peace process is the freedom of expression and media. Experience has shown that groups such as the Taliban fear these two values,” the press release reads.
He also urged Afghanistan’s international partners to emphasize the protection of freedom of expression and media in any peace deal, and to stand with the Afghan government and people.
In the meantime, the UK Ambassador Alison Blake called Afghanistan a serious supporter for the freedom of expression and media, adding that now is a good opportunity for Afghanistan to become a member of this global coalition.

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