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PublishDate: Sunday, December 15, 2019 16:15

Ghani calls for immediate arrest of ex-police commander Paikan

Paikanhad been sentenced by the country’s anti-corruption court to over eight years in prison in late 2017, but he has not been arrested yet.
The president’s said that failure to arrest Paikan had brought Afghanistan’s reputation and the government’s political will into question.
“He had turned a nationwide institution which was Civil Order Police into a source of corruption,” Ghani said. “We cannot tolerate that the justice centre issues order, but it is not implemented.”
The president said that police’s focus on counter-terrorism has led to the fact that its role in enforcing rule of law to be unremarkable.
He said that thousands of cases are rejected by the Attorney General’s Office or courts because police investigations do not meet legal criteria.
On revenues, the president said that the government cannot collect half of its revenues due to interference by irresponsible individuals.
He said that there has been unprecedented improvement in recruitment of civil service employees in terms of speed, quality and transparency.


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