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PublishDate: Monday, December 2, 201907:37

Indonesian Minister Marsudi to Visit Afghanistan Early Next Year

As per report, Women’s empowerment should be given full attention in peace-building efforts in Afghanistan, the minister said on the sidelines of a Dialogue of the Role of women in Building and Sustaining Peace.
“I have seen the determination of Afghani women to unite voices and demand peace in Afghanistan,” she said.
The determination was reflected in a national consensus reached by the Afghani women. Marsudi considered the consensus as a brave move to create lasting peace in Afghanistan.
“And Indonesia wants to contribute more to this noble effort,” she stated.
Through the dialog participated in by 38 Afghani women, Indonesia wanted to strengthen cooperation by organizing projects and program of capacity building to build and maintain peace in Afghanistan.
Indonesia and Afghanistan should identify concrete steps to promote the role of women through inclusive policies and to meet women’s needs.

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