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PublishDate: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 12:12

137,000 votes are invalid: Abdullah’s team

In a letter to the commission, Abdullah’s team has said that information about these votes were saved secretly in the data bank and no electoral team knew about that.
“We hope that a transparent result of election to lead us toward stability,” the letter said.
It added that the votes were transferred from reserve devices to the data bank based on arguments from the Dermalog biometrics company, while their observers and the commission officials were not aware.
“We trust to the first device. How was the second device sent and where from? This cannot be trusted,” said Noor Akhlaqi, from Abdullah’s team.
Separately, President Ghani’s electoral team called postponement in announcement of preliminary results of election a matter of concern.
“This is the right of the people of Afghanistan to defend their votes. We have certain program in this regard,” said Abdul Qader Hodkhil, from Ghani’s electoral team.
Qotbuddin, a member of electoral complaint commission, assured to probe every complaint properly.


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