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PublishDate: Monday, October 28, 2019 23:06

Confidence-building for presence of Afghan private sector in Chabahar, a top priority: official

He made the remarks on Mon. in a meeting held in Chabahar port in the field of reviewing barriers, obstacles and presenting development strategies of the port, and pointed to the key role of Chabahar Port in the field of regional and international interactions and added, “giant investment has been made in ports of the region as rival ports to Chabahar especially in the field of transit and tranship.”
It is necessary that the aforementioned issues should be taken into serious consideration for compilation of future strategies of Chabahar Port, he added.
New strategy should be clarified in Chabahar port, he said, adding, creating new foreign rivals in the port is of the cases that should be followed up strictly.”
Turning to the existing necessities in Chabahar port for trade promotion of Afghanistan, he stated, ““exporting fresh fruits and vegetables, dried nuts, minerals, oil and gas are of salient capacities of Chabahar port for the trade promotion of Afghan traders.”


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