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PublishDate: Saturday, October 26, 2019 20:36

‘Afghan Govt Working on Peace Delegation for China Meeting’

The Afghan government is working on the structure of an appropriate delegation to attend the China meeting, and we welcome any move that is considering the ownership and the centrality of the Afghan government and the Afghan people for facilitating the peace process in Afghanistan,” said Najia Anwari.
This comes amid speculations that a planned meeting between Afghan Taliban and the Afghan politicians was delayed in China as the Afghan government is trying to conduct more consultations and debates on the structure of its peace delegation.
Sources familiar with the talks have said that the meeting in China will be held in the next few weeks once the Afghan government announces its delegation.
Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani at the 18th Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Baku, Azerbaijan, said that bringing about peace in Afghanistan was the topmost priority for the Afghan people and the government.
“Sustainable peace is, therefore, our priority and we are fully committed to bringing peace to our people and to the region,” Ghani told world leaders at NAM.
According to the principles of Non-Aligned Movement, we hold the hand of friendship to all our neighbors and renew our offering of peace to the Taliban, Ghani stated.
“Had the Taliban and their supporters, those who providing with sanctuary and support networks, embraced our peace offering, the scale and scope of international forces would have been further reduced and there would have been no need for their continuous presence,” Ghani noted.
“Unfortunately, the Taliban, whose operations are made possible by sanctuary, drugs, and international terrorist linkages, are carrying a full-scale onslaught against innocent civilians, investing in furthering a cult of violence and destruction for destruction sake,” he said.
But, in Kabul, speaker of the Afghan parliament Mir Rahman Rahmani said that the Afghan government is not in a position to decide on the peace process and other national issues.
“The national unity government is not in a position to take decision about peace and other national issues,” he said.


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