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PublishDate: Tuesday, September 17, 201922:40

Imam Khamenei: Let the US Go to Those Who Act Like Cow, We Are Republic of Dignity

Making the remarks during his teachings in a class of advanced Islamic Jurisprudence on Tuesday, Imam Khamanei touched upon US ‘maximum pressure’ policy against Iran.
Referring to different stances of US officials regarding talks with Iran, the Leader said: “Sometimes they call for negotiations with no preconditions and other times they talk of negotiations under 12 conditions. These contradictory remarks are either a sign of their confused policies or is a trick to confuse the other side. Of course the Islamic Republic will not be confused since our path is clear and we are aware of what we do.”
US’s aim for negotiations is not to find a fair solution but to impose its ‘insolent demands’ on Iran, Imam Khamenei said as quoted by Iranian media.
“US aims to prove to all that maximum pressure has worked and that officials of the Islamic Republic were forced to come to the negotiating table despite previously saying ‘we won’t negotiate’. [And] so [to prove that] the only way to face Iran is through maximum pressure.”
His eminence meanwhile, deplored recent comments by a US official who said Iran must approve a series of US demands at the negotiating table, recommending that Washington should exercise such a method of talks with certain states that act as a cow being milked by Washington.
In this context, Imam Khamenei stressed that the “Islamic Republic is the republic of faithful and republic of dignity.”
On the other hand, the Leader said: “If America takes back its words and repents and returns to the nuclear deal, which they have violated, they can take part in the meetings of signatories to this agreement with Iran.”
“Otherwise, no negotiation on any level will happen between officials of the Islamic Republic and America, neither in New York nor anywhere else,” Imam Khamenei said, in reference to foreign media speculations of a possible meeting between President Rouhani and Trump on the sidelines of the upcoming UNGA meeting in New York.
“If the enemy could prove the effectiveness of maximum pressure on Iran, then Iran and our beloved nation will no longer experience comfort, because this will be put behind all America’s arrogant policies. And from then on, in response to their bullying demands from the Islamic Republic, if we say ‘yes’ the issue will be closed, but if we say ‘no’ the maximum pressure would start again.”
“We have to prove the worthlessness of the maximum pressure policy against the Iranian nation,” the Leader stressed, concluding that “1) negotiation with America means the imposition of their demands on the Islamic Republic and 2) negotiation means the success of America’s maximum pressure policy.”

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