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PublishDate: Friday, August 23, 2019 12:12

US envoy unexpectedly resumet Talks with Taliban in Qatar

Sources familiar with these talks told media that both sides discussed the final technical issues for hours and after a day off in Friday, talks will resume on Saturday.
According to Sayed Akbar Agha, a former Taliban member, “10th round of talks may also start to finalize the agreement and decide the place where it will be signed.”
Meanwhile, U.S Congress has called on Khalilzad to testify before it on Afghanistan and the agreement draft he has made with the Taliban.
“I am calling this hearing so that Congress and the American people will have the long-overdue opportunity to understand the contours of your negotiations with the Taliban and the potential risks and opportunities that may result,” The Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives chair Eliot Engel wrote in the letter.
Khalilzad’s latest trip to Qatar comes as there have been growing concerns both in the U.S government and in Afghanistan over the U.S.-Taliban deal which is “agreed in principle”. As just two days before Khalilzad’s departure, the Afghan presidential office asked for more clarification on the document.


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