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PublishDate: Saturday, September 7, 2019 17:06

The Afghan Government welcomes the lastest remarks made by Pentagon Chief

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Saturday that the United States will make sure it has a “good deal” with the Taliban on which the two sides have “agreed in principle”.
“We will make sure we have a good deal, a good enough deal that guarantees at least the security of countries going forward and a brighter path ahead for the Afghan people,” Mr. Esper said at a press conference in Paris with his French counterpart.
This comes as the Afghan government has expressed frustration over the US-Taliban peace agreement which was agreed in principle after nine rounds of talks between eh two sides. 
“The United States’ view is that the best way forward is a political agreement and that (is what) we’re working diligently on right now, that doesn’t mean we’ll take any deal,” Mr. Esper said.
Mr. Esper in another press conference with his British counterpart said that the US believes that the way forward out the 18-year-long conflict is through political agreement. 
“We’re hopeful we'll get there, but we've got to see where where where it goes. The one thing that we’ve I’ve talked to our allies about,” he said.  


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