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PublishDate: Thursday, August 29, 2019 17:33

There Will Be No Unconditional Release of the Taliban Prisoners: Sediqi

Afghan government has recently released hundreds of Taliban members in early June, with during the group’s peace talk U.S government as an act of good gesture.
However, now that U.S peace talks with the group is about to be wrapped up, and the unconditional release of its prisoners has been a major request by the Taliban, spokesman for President Ghani announces government’s decision for not to do so.
Meanwhile, experts believe that the release of Taliban’s prisoners is a strategic mistake given that the group has not shown readiness for direct negotiations with the government.
“Ghani released 900 Taliban militants as a good gesture toward the group or for the Jirga’s decision but it didn’t bring peace; unconditional release results in the continuation of war not peace,” Ahmad Saedi, a political commentator told ArianaNews.
The Afghan government has imprisoned thousands of Taliban militants in the last two decades with various charges of terror, murder, bombing and plotting attacks on the government, now that U.S. government is making a deal with the group, the future of these prisoners is up to Afghan government to decide.


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