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PublishDate: Thursday, July 25, 2019 12:12

Khalilzad Heads to Qatar, Kabul for New Round of Peace Talks

U.S.  Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo stated that Mr. Khalilzad’s trip to Kabul has started and after a meeting with Afghan Officials on the ninth round of Peace Talks, he shall depart to Qatar for meeting with Taliban representatives.
In Doha, Ambassador Khalilzad will resume talks with the Taliban as part of an overall effort to facilitate a peace process that ends the conflict in Afghanistan, the U.S. Department of State said in a statement on Tuesday.
In Kabul, he will consult with the leadership of the Afghan government on the peace process and encourage full preparation for intra-Afghan negotiations. Additional travel has not been finalized, the statement added.
Meanwhile, Khalilzad said in a tweet he had “productive week” in Washington, U.S., as he briefed the Trump’s Administration regarding the situation of the Afghan peace negotiations.
“Back on the road again. First, stop Doha where we will try and close on remaining issues. We’re ready. Let’s see if the Taliban are as well,” Khalilzad tweeted.
This comes as based on reports both sides reached agreements on major issues during the eighth round of the talks and the dialogues ended with both sides departing to consult with their leaders.


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