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PublishDate: Tuesday, August 6, 201903:33

Pakistan may move troops from Afghan border to Indian border

Pakistan could withdraw its army from Afghanistan border and deploy them on border with India after revoking of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, said defence sources. Indian defence forces are anticipating a reaction from Pakistan army after Centre’s move to abolish Article 370.
“It will take 3-4 days for the Pakistan army to gather their wits and make a strategy. We are keeping a close watch and ready to respond swiftly to any threat emerging from Pakistan,” said sources in the defence establishment.  
The reaction from Pakistan could come as soon as Tuesday afternoon in form of ceasefire violations. According to sources there are series of meeting planned by the Pakistani establishment in the next few days.  
“Pakistan could also shift its forces from Afghan and push them to our Western border. This move could put pressure on US which is trying to make a deal with Taliban,” said sources.  
Indian Army is on standby for any contingency in Kashmir.

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