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PublishDate: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 12:15

Peace Possible If It Is Based On Afghan Constitution: Envoy

“For the first time, a dialogue has started between Afghans,” he said. “We believe a reconciliation is possible, if it is based on the constitution of the Republic.”
Referring to the role of France in the war on terror in Afghanistan, Martinon said that at least 400 soldiers were once in the country and they were withdrawn in 2013.
“France joined the operations at the very beginning, in 2001, participating to the Naval operation. In January 2002, 400 French soldiers deployed under the ISAF command arrived in Kabul. A contingent of more than 200 Special Forces were deployed in the Spin Boldak area,” Martinon said.
The French envoy, meanwhile, stressed the need for Afghans’ participation in the upcoming presidential elections. 
“I insist on this because in two months, Afghans will have the opportunity to vote to elect their new president. Again, this election is your war bounty,” he said.


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