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PublishDate: Wednesday, June 19, 2019 00:52

U.S. agrees over troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: Taliban 

AVA- The announcement comes as a crucial round of peace talks between the two adversaries in the 17-year-old Afghan war is expected to take place in Qatar in the next few days. 
There was no immediate U.S. reaction to the insurgent assertions. 
The nearly year-long U.S.-Taliban dialogue process has been under fire and skepticism for not making any headway toward ending the conflict. 
The criticism has prompted Suhail Shaheen, who speaks for the negotiating team of the insurgent group, to defend the peace process, saying the U.S. side has accepted a key Taliban demand. 
"American has agreed during the negotiations that they will withdraw all their troops and promised not to interfere in Afghanistan in future. This is a good progress," Shaheen tweeted Tuesday. 
U.S. chief negotiator, Zalmay Khalilzad, has acknowledged the discussions with insurgent envoys have focused on the troop withdrawal and Taliban’s counterterrorism assurances. 
But the Afghan-born American reconciliation ambassador has repeatedly stressed a final agreement would have to cover an insurgent ceasefire and the Taliban’s participation in an intra-Afghan dialogue for sustainable peace in the country. 
The Taliban, however, wants all foreign troops to leave the country before it engages in intra-Afghan peace talks to discuss the ceasefire and a future political governance system in Afghanistan. 


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