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PublishDate: Saturday, May 4, 201923:57

Mother and son killed in Taliban commander’s wedding ceremony

AVA- The provincial government media office in a statement said the incident took place late on Friday afternoon in Ahmad Khel district.
The statement further added that the Taliban commander Qari Aziz had invited the wife and 13-year-old son of an Afghan soldier to a wedding ceremony and murdered the two after they participated in the wedding reception.
Deedar, the soldier whose wife and son were murdered had also helped with the wedding reception of Qari Aziz by contributing 30,000 Afghanis which he had taken as a loan from another friend, the statement added.
The security and intelligence forces have launched an operation to arrest Qari Aziz, the provincial government said, adding that the perpetrator will be handed over to the judiciary institutions so that he could be prosecuted for the crime he has committed.
In the meantime, the Taliban group spokesman has rejected the involvement of the group’s commander in the incident, claiming that the murder of the two individuals has links with personal feuds.

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