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PublishDate: Thursday, March 21, 201912:12

Land acquisition for TAPI gas pipeline project to begin next week: ministry

AVA- Based on the plan, an area with a length of 600 kilometres and width of 44 metres needs to be acquired.
Hashmatullah Naseri, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Urban Development and Land, said that the a regulation in this regard has been finalized and after its approval, work begins on acquisition, registration, survey, right of ownership and resettlement of those who reside on the route of the project.
The $9.6 billion pipeline would carry 33 billion cubic metres of gas a year. At least 816 kilometres of the pipeline will pass through Afghanistan, covering 17 districts.
Based on the 30-year contract, Afghanistan will receive 500 million cubic metres of gas in the first 10 years.
The Afghan section of the project was inaugurated last year, but construction has yet to begin.
Apart from gas pipeline, the route will involve railway, fibre optics, and electricity transmission line from Central Asia to South Asia.

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