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PublishDate: Sunday, April 7, 201921:27

Afghan Gov’t Announced Lists of Negotiating Team, Reconciliation Council

AVA- There are 37 people at the reconciliation council and 22 individuals in the negotiating team, sources said.
They are expected to attend the upcoming meeting with the Taliban in the second half of April 2019.
The list of the reconciliation council includes the names of political leaders, government members, diplomats, civil activists, and private sectors.
Some political faces in the list of the reconciliation council are as follows:
• Hamid Karzai
• M. Karim Khalili
• Mohammad Mohaqeq
• Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
• Salahuddin Rabbani
• General Dostum
• Dr Abdullah
• Esmael Khan
• Yunus Qanuni
• …
The name of Ata M. Noor has been deleted from this list.
The list of the negotiating team is also different from what was previously published and there are still considerations about it.
However, there is still the possibility of changes in both lists.

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