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PublishDate: Monday, April 8, 2019 22:15

Medical Services Standardized in Afghanistan

AVA- The day is of great importance for Afghanistan and its people. Afghanistan as least developing country is facing problems in various fields among them presenting medical services.  
Eighteen year ago, Afghanistan among the countries of the world had a bad situation in offering medical services and the mortality rate among women and children was very high, but during the period inspire of insecurities and other problem has succeeded in insuring high quality medical services.
Afghan government with supporting of it international colleagues has succeeded to extend medical services from the cities in to villages and remote areas and provide and facilitate the ground for easily access of people to doctors, clinics, medicine and hospitals. Today, general access of people to medical services constitutes the main part of Health Ministry programs and procedures and Afghanistan in offering medical services to its citizens especially for the residents of rural areas has achieved great successes. As the official sources say 44% mortality rate among children and19% among mothers have reduced.  At the same time the health ministry has succeeded with close cooperation of private sector to establish hospitals and clinics that are operating according to international standards and criteria.
Unfortunately, despite of all successes in medical sector, still there are serious problems on the way of offering medical services to the people and still low- quality medicines importing in the country.
Lack of proper recognition of diseases and slandered curing the patients are the main reasons that our people leave the country to other countries particularly to neighboring countries for treatment that cost a lot of money.
Although the government supported privatization of health sector for public tranquility, but unfortunately, medication now has changed in to business. Due to high increase of population, the medical facilities provided by relevant organs of the country cannot meet the present requirements of people. Afghanistan is among three countries where still Polio exists.
Security is still a discussable issue, three days ago, terrorists, exploding an explosive material at workplace of medical doctor killed him. Taliban exploded a medical clinic in Paktia and prevented polio vaccination in Helmand province and several doctors were kidnapped in Kabul. All these indicate that besides remarkable developments and progress there are still serious barriers on the way offering medical services. For removing the barriers, a public movement is needed to be supported by public health ministry.
The people hope, ministry of public health to introduce health insurance that can guaranty the health of the citizens. By ratifying the bill of medical insurance, medical services in the country will be carried out according international standards.  


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