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PublishDate: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 22:39

High Peace Council is optimistic of Khalilzad’s new tour for inclusive peace

AVA- Khalilzad started visits from March 25 during which he is scheduled to go to the United Kingdom, Belgium, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Jordan and Qatar until April 10, according to the United States’ state department. Khalilzad will discuss Afghan peace process with the leaders of these countries, prior to begin the sixth round of negotiations with Taliban representatives in Qatari capital city of Doha.
Hajji Din Mohammad, deputy chief of the peace council said Wednesday that regional and international support for the peace process was a need that should be taken serious.
“We see Mr. Khalilzad’s visits effective in the regional consensus. The peace will be durable when regional states cooperate with, otherwise the process will likely face challenge. So, this is necessary to get regional states and world powers’ trust,” said Mohammad.


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