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PublishDate: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 09:40

U.S. envoy for Afghan peace reacts to Pak PM’s remarks regarding interim Afghan government

While #Pakistan has made constructive contributions on the #AfghanPeaceProcess, PM Khan’s comments did not. The future of #Afghanistan is for #Afghans, and only Afghans, to decide. The role of the international community is to encourage Afghans to come together so they can do so,” Ambassador Khalizad said in a Twitter post.
The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had earlier suggested an interim government setup in Afghanistan to help end the impasse in Afghan peace process.
Speaking with local journalists at his office on Monday, PM Khan claimed that the Afghan government was a hurdle in peace process as it was insisting on direct talks with the Taliban group.
He also added that a neutral interim government can help with the success of peace process in Afghanistan by holding a free and transparent election.


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