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PublishDate: Sunday, March 17, 2019 23:49

Al-Moallem to Pederson: Only Syria

AVA- During the meeting, a number of issues related to political process were discussed, including committee on discussing the constitution.
Al-Moallem reiterated Syria’s readiness to continue cooperating with Pedersen to make his mission a success through facilitating the inter-Syrian dialogue to reach a political solution, which serves the Syrians’ interests, preserves Syria’s sovereignty, independence and unity and leads to the eradication of terrorism as well as ending the illegal foreign presence on the country’s territory.
He stressed that the political process should be conducted by the leadership and ownership of Syria, adding that the Syrian people are the only side to determine the future of the country.
Al-Moallem stressed that the Constitution and everything related to it is a purely sovereign affair that is decided on by the Syrian people without foreign interference, in accordance with the international law, UN Charter and all relevant Security Council resolutions on Syria.
For his part, Pedersen expressed his happiness to return to Damascus in order to continue consulting with the Syrian government for making a progress in the political track, affirming that he won’t spare any effort to reach a political solution in accordance with the principles laid out in the UN Charter and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.
Pedersen pointed out to the importance of taking a number of steps that would help push forwards the political process, stressing the importance of this process being led and owned by Syria to ensure the aspired success.
He also affirmed full commitment of the United Nations to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria.


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