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PublishDate: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 11:19

Afghan Air Force receive advanced reconnaissance, ground attack aircraft

The three new AC-208 aircrafts were handed over to the Afghan Air Force during a ceremony which was held in Kabul last week.
According to Air Force officials, the aircrafts are capable to conduct airstrikes against static and moving targets using guided and unguided rocket besides conducting reconnaissance operations.
The ceremony for the handover of the aircrafts was attended by senior officials of the Afghan Army, Afghan Air Force, and Resolute Support Mission.
The cockpit of the AC-208 Combat Caravan features tactical displays to the pilot. Ballistic panels are fitted to provide protection to the cockpit and passengers, according to Air Force Technology outlet.
The Combat Caravan operates on a mission system known as STARTM, developed by ATK. The STARTM provides reconnaissance and fire control capabilities for the mission crew during day as well as night.
The aircraft is fitted with MX-15D turret with onboard laser designator, internal measurement unit (IMU) and microcontroller unit. The turret can accommodate up to six sensors.
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