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PublishDate: Monday, March 11, 201919:24

Khalid Declares Afghan Forces’ Fight against Taliban as ‘Jihad’

Speaking at a graduation ceremony of students from Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul, Khalid lashed out at Taliban over refusal to talk with the Afghan government.
He said in the given scenario, the fight against the Taliban militants is a “Jihad”, insisting that the Afghan government has opened the path for ending the ongoing war in the country.
“The enemy has no authority to begin the intra-Afghan dialogue, and not ready to talk [with the government], therefore, the battle should continue,” Khalid said.
He stressed that the group is acting based on its supporters’ will.
Referring to Pakistan, the Acting Defense Ministry, said Islamabad should not utilize the peace talks for its interests, adding that Kabul will never bow to Islamabad.  
At the event, Army Chief Mohammad Sharif Yaftali said that the Afghan forces are supporting President Ghani’s plan for the peace process and that ready to defend the past years’ achievements and values.
He emphasized the past decades’ bad experience should not be repeated in the country.  

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