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PublishDate: Sunday, March 10, 201913:42

Ghani promises emergency aid for Kandahar flood victims

Addressing a gathering at the 205thAtal Military Corps compound, he praised the air force for rescuing marooned families and thanked traders for aiding the victims
While announcing 100 million afghanis in emergency assistance to the affected families, he said 30 million afghanis would be spent on rehabilitating the agriculture sector.
“The family of every martyr will receive 50,000 afghanis and relatives of each injured ill be given 25,000 afghanis,” the president said,
Every family whose house was destroyed by floods will be paid 15,000afs. A compensation of 7,500afs would be paid to each one whose house was partially damages.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MoAIL) would provide 1,000 tonnes of flour to the affected families and 1,000 tonns of food items for Kochis’ livestock, he promised.
Ghani vowed to provide medical assistance to residents of the flood-hit province. He asked local officials to determine the number of flood victims, If the number is higher, aid levels will be increased..
Ghani added a technical delegation would visit the province soon to identify flood-vulnerable houses and work on providing the occupants land plots elsewhere.
Work on the Kadani dam in Spin Boldak district would be initiated soon, as it was a consistent demand of slain police chief Gen. Abdul Raziq, he said.
Ghani said that respect to the Loy Ahmad Shah Baba was an honor for every Afghan and work on his residential compound would be conducted soon.
He said a preliminary study of de-silting and raising the height of Delhi dam had been completed. Practical work in this regard will be launched soon. The dam is designed to provide water for 50 years to the province.


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