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PublishDate: Sunday, March 3, 2019 13:35

NSA Orders Security Forces to Step Up for Rescuing Floods Affected People

AVA- The statement said that the country’s security forces should launched a nationwide campaign to help the recently snowfall and flood affected people, particularly in the southwestern and northeastern provinces of the country, where the recent rain and snowfalls have disturbed the residents’ routine life.  The security forces should do their best to do any kinds of cooperation with the affected people, said the statement adding they should be provided with food fuel, when witnessed stuck along the roads, or trapped at home during floods, the security forces should rush to take them to a safe places or to the nearby healthcare center if seen trapped by floods inside their houses, the statement quoted the National Security Advisor as saying.
“Dear countrymen  are also requested to contact the nearest security center, in case of facing any kinds of natural disasters and the security forces should also activate all contract channels to receive help calls from the people in the vulnerable areas and remote villages and help them if needed,” said the statement.
The statement said the country’s security and defense forces are ready to hurry for the cooperation of the people as soon as needed.
The country’s national security advisor also asked the national disasters office, non-government aid agencies, traders and the country’s rich people to hurry for cooperation of the people under emergency conditions.


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