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PublishDate: Saturday, February 23, 2019 19:22

Islamabad, Tehran, Moscow have no right to select Afghan president: Ghani

Addressing youths from southern Kandahar province in presidential palace, Ghani said that it is Afghans who decide who should be their president.
The president said that those who are afraid of people talks of interim government, a “foreign plot” which he said wouldnot work in Afghanistan.
Ghani said that he had convinced the world over peace, but “can the Taliban convince Pakistan, smugglers and terrorists to accept development and stability in Afghanistan?”
He said that peace would come to Afghanistan and that Afghans don’t want to return to the past.
He said that peace cannot come by paper. “We should accept each other and have plan for the future of Afghanistan.”
Taliban have refused to negotiate with the Afghan government, but have held at least four rounds of talks with the United States.
Earlier this month, the Taliban held talks with Afghan politicians in Moscow.


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