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PublishDate: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 10:31

45 militants killed, wounded in Zabul province in past one week: officials

The officials further added that over the last week the 205th Corps has aggressively pursued the Taliban in Arghandab and Mizan districts of Zabul. Clashes with the insurgents have been offensive operations towards the Taliban backed by the use of Afghan artillery.
“These recent clashes have resulted in 33 insurgents killed and 12 wounded. Additionally, during these operations against the Taliban, the 205th Corps discovered 45 IEDs along the roads which were cleared by the Army engineers,” the officials said.
According to the military officials, these operations come on the heels of a large attack from the Taliban last week against an ANA checkpoint in Arghandab District which killed the soldiers manning that checkpoint.
The 205th Corps confirmed that over the last month, there were approximately 50 attacks against ANDSF, mostly check points. Of these attacks, less than 5 resulted in a loss of infrastructure and were reoccupied by friendly forces within 24 hours. Additionally, there were 25 attacks against ANDSF that were repulsed by the 205th Corps and mitigated by the use of offensive attacks against the Taliban and were solely fought and won by Afghan Forces.
General Iman Nazar, 205th Corps Commander said “Our brave Soldiers risk their lives every day to protect our country. They have adapted to recent Taliban attacks and offensively reacted to take the fight to the Taliban.”
Rahmatullah Yarmal, Governor of Zabul said “The 205th Corps brigade in Zabul has seen recent attacks, but continue to fight and see success, with the support of the people, to make our province safe.”

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