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PublishDate: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 00:37

Afghanistan Round of Talks to Be Held in Turkey

AVA- The meeting will be held on February 22, as stated by Zamir Kabulov, Russian special envoy to Afghanistan, considering that Turkey was a neutral place in the region and constituted a conformable choice.

Kabulov also announced his US counterpart, Zalmay Khalilzad´s acceptance of these terms for the meeting, with the aim of discussing issues addressed at the conference held in Moscow on the peace process in Afghanistan, in December 2018, where they also met with Afghan Taliban leaders.

Kabulov praised the recent steps taken in the negotiations, predicting that this year will be decisive in ending the 17-year war and 'restoring an independent Afghanistan, free of terror and drugs.' The Russian envoy said the upcoming presidential elections in Afghanistan will be an important step towards achieving peace since the winning candidate must be accepted by all parties.

The United States leads a round of talks with the Taliban and other regional actors with a view to ending the violence, while the Kabul government maintains that any peace plan must involve and be led by Afghans.

In addition, the Taliban leaders, despite having negotiated with Afghan politicians and US officials, refuse to recognize Kabul government, which for the moment is one of the greatest difficulties to solve.


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