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PublishDate: Tuesday, February 5, 2019 02:04

UNHCR to provide aid to 30,000 displaced families

AVA- MoRR said on Monday that the assistance was distributed to 35,797 families in the western zone.
According to a MoRR statement, over 30,000 families were helped through winterization and relief items in Herat, Ghor, Nimroz, Badghis and Farah western zone provinces in the past one and half month.
Statement said that 32384 families received aid in Herat, 150 families in Ghor, 291 families in Nimroz, 2736 families in Badghis and 236 families received aids in Farah provinces.
The distributed items included cash money, food item and logistic materials, added statement.
The relief items have been distributed by the Ministry in cooperation with the UNHCR, UNICEF, I.O.M, WFP, A.C.F, D.R.C, IRC organization, said the statement.
Assistance and distribution of winterization items will be continued in western zone provinces, underlined the statement.


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