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PublishDate: Monday, January 21, 2019 12:12

New Measures To Protect Dams in Afghanistan

AVA- These guidelines include rules and regulations for surveying, designing, building and maintaining of the dams.
“There are about 20 big and small dams and almost all of them are partially destroyed and have technical problems. The new guidelines will help us repair these dams,” said Engineer Farhad Noorzai, head of water programs in the Ministry of Energy and Water.
According to Noorzai, local and international experts have studied the Daronta, Sorobi, Qargha, Mahipar, Naghlo, Sarhawz Faryab, Sultan, Dahla and Kajaki dams in the past two years to identify their issues.
“These issues will be resolved based on the new guidelines,” added Noorzai.
This comes as dams in Afghanistan are in dire need of reconstruction and maintenance.
According to the ministry officials, in some parts of the country water from the rivers flow in neighboring countries due to lack of proper dams.

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