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PublishDate: Sunday, December 23, 2018 12:12

Fire hits part of Afghan presidential palace

Firefighters arrived at the scene on time and prevented major damages, said Haroon Chakhansuri, a spokesman for president.
He said the office desk of king Amanullah Khan and historical documents and materials were prevented from being burnt.
The spokesman didn't say what caused the fire.
Gul Khana is situated on north-west side of the Arg, which was built with a new style in the term of King Mohammad Zahir.
First floor of the palace comprises a large dining hall, reception hall for guests, inspection room as well as a reserved offices which was sometimes used by the president. Besides, the second floor contains a hall used for the cabinet’s meeting as well as a small hall connected to the bigger hall through stairs passage which is occasionally used by the president.
Chief of Staff’s office of the president, Secretariat rooms, resting room, two rooms for special meetings also exist in this palace.

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