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PublishDate: Sunday, January 13, 2019 06:03

Afghanistan not to let US use military bases against Iran

AVA- According to Turkish media 'yeniakit', Abdul Rahim Sayed Jan made the remarks addressing a conference which was held in Ankara. 
Underlining the importance of maintaining ties with neighboring countries for Kabul government, he said 'we will never let the US to make use of its military bases against neighbors' like Iran and Pakistan. 
Afghan diplomat added while based on US-Afghanistan agreement, Washington will never be able to use these bases against neighbors, the US military bases in Afghanistan have always been a concern for neighbors. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, Rahim Sayed Jan referred to Taliban, saying its emergence has nothing to do with Islamic ideologies. 
Afghanistan does not consider Taliban as an Islamic group since Taliban militia have been formed by foreign countries. 

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