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PublishDate: Sunday, January 13, 2019 18:01

Price of Internet To Be Reduced by 50 Percent Within Month: MCIT

MCIT said that Afghanistan has got membership of the Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) – a major regional initiative aimed at creation of transitional fiber optic.
Sayer Zaland, a spokesman of MCIT, said the practical work on TASIM project has been kicked off and that they are due to sign MoUs with Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan in this regard.
“The revenues will be increased and we will have access to high-quality internet services. In addition, the price of the internet will be significantly decreased in the country,” he said.
The official added that at the end of next month, the contracts with relevant stakeholders will be finalized and that up to 50 percent discount would be considered to the price of internet services.  


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