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PublishDate: Saturday, December 29, 201823:48

Pak Army completes fencing of 482km Pak-Afghan border strip

AVA- Officials said that work on the patch was started in 2017, and has been completed before the stipulated time. They added that 233 forts have also been constructed on the 1,403-km-long border equipped with water, solar electricity and protection mines.
They said that around 1,200 trucks and 10,000 people enter and exit Pakistan from the Torkham border crossing but now no one is allowed to enter Pakistan without proper documents. Special cards have been given to 200 Afghan students who live in Afghanistan but study in Pakistan. Emergency patients also get permission to enter Pakistan without documents.
They said as a goodwill gesture, the Afghan checkposts near the border are provided water by Pakistan.
However, the officials said the decision to fence the border has not gone down well with the Afghan government as two-three attempts have been made since 2017 to disrupt the fence building and to cross the border into Pakistan. Till now 1,900 Afghans have been arrested and deported, they added.

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