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PublishDate: Sunday, December 23, 2018 08:08

MoI arrest police officer affiliated with Taliban in Farah province

AVA- According to a statement released by MoI, a police officer who was serving in police ranks in Farah police commandment was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department operatives of the ministry.
The statement further added that the police officer was involved in facilitating an attack on police forces on 11th November which resulted into the martyrdom of 22 policemen and officers in Farah province.
The detained police officer has confessed to the charges against him, MoI said, adding that the suspect has been handed over to the National Directorate of Security for further investigations.
The anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban have not commented regarding the affiliation of the detained police officer with the group so far.
This comes as incidents involving insider attacks among the security ranks have increased comparatively during the recent months in some of the restive provinces of the country.


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