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PublishDate: Sunday, December 23, 2018 08:23

About 10 Million Afghans Have Access to Internet This Year: MCIT

AVA- Minister of CIT, Shahzad Gul Aryoubi on Saturday said that they seek to reduce the price of internet and that increase the number of its users in the country.
“Last year, seven million people had access to interest, and this year the number increased to 9.7 million,” he said.
Though, high price and low-quality services have been the main challenges for internet users in Afghanistan.
“The price of internet is high in the country and the quality is low; we urge the government to reduce the price,” a Kabul resident said.
The MCIT officials, however, said that China seeks to provide its internet services to Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and Africa through Afghanistan which according to them, the project will not only rise the revenue but will also the reduce the price of internet in Afghanistan.

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