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PublishDate: Thursday, December 6, 2018 06:25

Appointment of young afghan woman as deputy interior minister sparks reactions

AVA- According to reports, the former acting director of policy in the minister of mines and petroleum, the 26-year-old Husna Jalil, has been appointed as deputy interior minister for policy and strategy.
Her appointment has sparked mixed reactions including uproar among media activists who oppose the government’s decision despite advocating for increasing role of women in the politics and other senior positions in the government.
A social media activist Shabnam Popalzai has welcomed the government’s decision to increase the presence of women in the government leadership but added that the appointment of a young woman with less experience would be nothing more than a failed experience.
Some other prominent social media and media activists have also opposed with the government’s decision to appoint a young woman as deputy interior minister, specifically pointing towards the current situation of the country and the existing educated and skilled women whom they believe should have been appointed.
However, the government officials, including President Ghani’s spokesman and deputy governor of Kabul Munira Yousufzada have endorsed the government’s decision and have added that the current government has managed to increase the role of women in the leadership of the government despite facing major challenges.
They also added that the women have considerable presence in diplomatic missions, ministries, and other political and social sectors due to the efforts of the government.


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