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PublishDate: Monday, December 3, 2018 18:22

IEC To Announce Results For 14 Provinces By Next Week

Preliminary election results for Kabul will be announced at the end of next week, said the IEC.
A member of the election commission said the delay in announcing the election results of big provinces is because of the scale of complaints which were filled on the day of voting.
But election monitoring groups and observers have said the delay is aimed at changing the election results in favor of certain candidates.
The IEC has declared 79 people as winners of the parliamentary elections in 18 provinces, of which 21 are women.
The IEC has yet to announce preliminary election results for 15 provinces, including Kabul.
“With the consideration of a huge number of complaints, which were filed against October 20 and October 21 elections in major provinces, it created some problems and votes were sent for recounting and re-investigation. This caused the election result sheets and forms to arrive late to the center. But now fortunately, these forms have arrived in Kabul from small and big provinces. The remaining 14 provinces will be announced by the next week,” said IEC commissioner, Sayed Hafiz Hashemi.
“The results for major provinces such as Kabul, Balkh and some other provinces have been delayed because there has been large-scale fraud in these provinces where certain individuals were targeted, so they have been brought to the final and preliminary lists. This is because they are trying to prolong the process and create more grounds for fraud,” said Naeem Asghari, member of Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA).
Meanwhile, a number of observers have said that the recounting process is not transparent.
“The recounting is not carried out in transparent way,” said one observer, Khawjah Abdul Sattar Sediqqi.
“They recount only one ballot box a day,” added another observer, Abdul Mujib.


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