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Warring parties should utilize opportunities for peace: HPC

AVA- A member of the HPC, Aminuddin Mozaffari, said that no ambiguity in the peace talks can solve the problems. There is more opportunity for peace now than any other time in the past,” Mozaffari said.
The comments come as a member of the newly-formed board responsible to hold talks to the Taliban. Munib Hakim claimed earlier that efforts by the US special representative for Afghan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad were ambiguous. He asked Khalilzad to clarify his peace plan to the people of Afghanistan.
Khalilzad has recently said that his country was in hurry to end the “Afghan tragedy”. He met with Taliban representatives two times in Qatar and hopes that an agreement can be reached with the militant group before the presidential election slated for April.
President Ashraf Ghani has said that a five-year time needed to merger Taliban in a democratic process.
Meanwhile, Asef Seddiqi, a member of senate rejected any ambiguous in Khalilzad’s efforts. “I don’t see any ambiguous in the peace efforts. Mr. Khalilzad met with the government officials, jihadi leaders, elders and different figures. He also paid visits to the Arabic states and met with Taliban representatives and shared his meetings with the people,” he said.
Taliban have repeatedly rejected any talks with the government of Afghanistan.

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