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PublishDate: Saturday, November 24, 2018 18:38

IEC To Announce Election Results for Five Provinces

According to the IEC, the five provinces include Kapisa, Laghman, Nimroz, Zabul and Parwan. 
The election commission on Friday evening announced preliminary results for Daikundi, Farah, Jawzjan, Uruzgan and Bamiyan provinces. 
The election commission said by the first of December, preliminary results for most of the provinces will be announced.
“We will continue the process in this way, and as we have committed, we will continue the process up to 1st of December,” Abdul Azizi Ibrahimi, a deputy spokesman for IEC said. 
IEC officials said the election results of every province will be announced after the completion of a few steps, that includes assessing and recounting votes, addressing complaints and entering the data into the main server. 
The election commission’s information technology department meanwhile said 99 percent of data from biometric identification devices has been downloaded onto the main server. According to the department, the 99 percent includes information of about 3.1 million voters. 
“For the remaining provinces; for a number of them over 50 percent and for some others around 70 percent of data is completed (transferred to the main server) and for a number of provinces we are waiting for the recounting and assessment process of votes to be completed,” Sayed Ibrahim Sadat, the head of information and technology department said.
A number of candidates from Faryab province meanwhile said elections in the province was riddled with fraud. The candidates urged the election commission to recount all Faryab votes. 
Footage received by TOLOnews shows that in a number of polling centers, ballot paper registers have been put into the ballot boxes and only the name of one candidate has been ticked – on all pages. 
Also, evidence shows that the biometric devices’ barcodes, on many of the ballot papers, were printed and stuck on papers a few hours after polling centers closed in Faryab on election day. 
“If all the votes in Faryab are not recounted, then undoubtedly, those who committed fraud will go to parliament,” Jamal Nasir Farahmand, a candidate said. 
The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) meanwhile said they have addressed over 11,000 complaints from provinces and that there is still time to conduct further investigations if complaints are lodged with the commission for further investigation. 
“Over 11,000 complaints have been addressed on provincial levels and decisions have been made regarding them,” Ali Reza Rouhani, IECC spokesman said.
Elections were held on October 20 and 21 around the country – except in Kandahar, which was postponed by a week – and in Ghazni.


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