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PublishDate: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 00:02

Taliban reaches no agreement on deadline with U.S. for peace deal in Afghanistan

AVA- In a statement sent to media outlets on Monday, Majahid confirmed that the U.S. envoy Khalilzad had met Taliban leaders in Qatar's capital Doha last week, but reached no agreement on deadline to cut a peace deal for ending the Afghan lingering crisis.
"The three-day talks in Qatar were preliminary and positive, but no agreement reached in the talks," Majahid asserted in the statement, saying any reports about reaching agreement on formation of interim government or any other topic is baseless.
"We would share with media if there were any progress," the statement added.
Khalilzad, a veteran diplomat and Afghan-born U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan, who was tasked to accelerate Afghan peace process and pave the way for holding direct talks between Taliban and the Afghan government, expressed hope here on Sunday to reach a peace deal with the Taliban before April 20 presidential elections next year.


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