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PublishDate: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 20:04

Miller Visits Ghazni, Pledges Continued Support To ANDSF

He said that Washington is trying to find a political settlement to the war in Afghanistan, but he maintained that the US and foreign forces will also try to decrease the level of threats against the people.
Meanwhile Ghazni governor said that discussions have been held with the commander of foreign forces about launching a large scale operation in Ghazni.
“I just want to remind everybody (about) our commitment with the Afghan security forces and clearly we are  pursuing a political and peaceful settlement, but as we work our way through a political and peaceful settlement…we will also be prepared to defend ourselves and would like to reduce security threats to the Afghan people,” said Miller.
But as Miller arrived in Ghazni, several rockets were fired on the city. 
Police in Ghazni confirmed the shelling and said that the missile attack did not cause any casualties.
But Ghazni governor blamed regional intelligence agencies for the recent threats in the provinces.
“Ghazni has been facing serious security threats over the past year, regional intelligence and the opponents launched offensive attacks on Ghazni. But thank God, the situation is completely under control now. We are undertaking operations in several districts and by launching large scale operations we rid Ghazni of terrorism. We are working on good programs with general Miller and other commanders to ensure better security for Ghazni,” said Ghazni governor Wahidullah Kalimzai.
Miller’s visit comes only one month after Kandahar police commander general Abdul Raziq was assassinated in the guesthouse compound  of the Kandahar governor as Miller was leaving a meeting with local officials including Raziq. 


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