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PublishDate: Saturday, November 17, 201818:51

Militants driven out of some villages in Jaghori, Malistan: MoD

“Our forces are in a state of progress in Jaghori. MoD General Chief of Staff has the leadership the operation,” Ghafoor Jawid, the ministry spokesman said.
Until now, Luman, Zerak, Hutqol and Pato villages have been cleared from the presence of terrorists, he said.
The commander of Zafar Corps traveled to Farah province to assess and evaluate the situation in a comprehensive manner, after which extensive operations would be launched in the province, he said.
The spokesman added that MoD had decided to rollback check posts in non-strategic location into one strategic area, a plan which helped decreased the casualties of security forces in the last three months.
Jawid said Afghan security forces led all responsibilities in the fight against over 20 terrorist groups.
The terrorists do not hold any strategic point, they only try to create fear among the people with their barbaric acts, h

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