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PublishDate: Saturday, November 10, 2018 14:23

Germany hands over 1000 body armor vests to Kabul police

The Kabul Police Commandment in a statement said the body armor vests were handed over to Kabul Police during a ceremony organized in the Police Commandment of Kabul on Thursday.
The statement further added that the body armor vests were handed over as part of Germany’s ongoing support to the Afghan Police forces.
The Deputy Ambassador of Germany to Kabul and a representative of Germany’s police had also participated in the ceremony.
Kabul Police Chief Gen. Syed Mohammad Roshandil welcomed the delivery of one thousand body armor vests to the police forces and said the new aid will further help in protection of police personnel.
Gen. Roshandil further added that the Public Order and Quick Reaction units of the Afghan National Police (ANP) would use the new body armor vests.


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