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PublishDate: Monday, October 22, 201813:05

Abdullah reacts to rumors alleging foreign forces involvement in Kandahar incident

Speaking during the meeting of the council of ministers in Kabul, Abdullah rejected the rumors as baseless and called it a conspiracy aimed at further fueling tensions and violence in the country.
Abdullah further added that the assassination of the former police chief of Kandahar General Abdul Raziq was a conspiracy hatched by the enemies of Afghanistan.
He warned that the enemies are attempting to further fuel violence by implementing their second conspiracy of spreading rumors.
This comes as the social media has been rife with the rumors blaming the foreign forces for the deadly incident in Kandahar province.
However, Abdullah said the main purpose of the rumors is to harm the unity of the Afghan people and the international partners of Afghanistan.
The deadly incident in Kandahar province on Thursday left Gen. Abdul Raziq and the provincial intelligence chief Gen. Abdul Momin Hussain Khel dead.

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