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PublishDate: Sunday, September 9, 2018 17:48

We are seeking to form delegation for talks with Taliban: Sayyaf

“We are seeking to form a group or delegation for reconciliation that would represent both the people and the government,” Sayyaf said at a ceremony to mark death of anti-Soviet commander Ahmad Shah Massoud in Kabul.
“It would be a strong team… If they are part of this nation, they should refuse to talk with the team,” said Sayyaf, who leads Councilfor Protection andStabilityinAfghanistan.
The government has repeatedly called on the Taliban to join peace talks, but the group has refused to accept.
Meanwhile, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah emphasized on national unity, saying it would guarantee success in peace or war.
Sarwar Danish, the second vice-president, said that peace was the only solution to end the existing crisis. He said that any group which wants peace should cut ties with international terrorism.
The event was addressed also by second deputy to Chief Executive, Mohammad Mohaqqiq, who criticized the government over insecurity.


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