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PublishDate: Saturday, September 8, 2018 12:23

Eastern Zone Elders Call on President Ghani

AVA- During the meeting, the eastern zone elders supported the country’s president peace initiative and shared their problems in the fields of security, education and attention to the families of martyrs, as well as fighting against powerful men and land usurpers, increase in police number, creation of roads and increase in the budget of public health services, according to the statement.
The president also focusing on the peace process said that the success of peace didn’t belong to him nor to the Taliban but belongs to the people, the statement added.
Pointing to the land usurpation, he said land usurpation would be prevented and that he was not surrendered to the small circle of land usurpation, but is bent to his people.
The president instructed the ministry of public works to accelerate work on the road building project between Nuristan and Kunar province and that Kunar should be promoted from the third level to the second level province.


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