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PublishDate: Thursday, September 6, 201801:22

UN Reports More than 200,000 Afghans Displaced in 2018

AVA- OCHA has estimated today at 209,400 the number of people forced to leave their homes between January 1 and August 10, 2018, because of the situation in that Asian country.
Forced movements were reported in 31 of Afghanistan's 34 provinces, according to a statement issued in Kabul.
These new figures raise to more than two million those internally displaced due to violence in that nation, only in the last five years.
According to the institution, restricted access for humanitarian personnel hinders field assessments and hampers verification of the full extent of the problem.
It also undermines the provision of assistance and services, the document says.
The latest OCHA report also called attention to the precarious conditions in which many displaced families live, due to the lack of housing, food, water and insufficient access to health facilities.
About 445,000 Afghans had fled their homes in 2017 because of the conflict that hit the country 17 years ago.
According to the UN, Afghan citizens already constitute one of the largest refugee populations in the world and an estimated 2.6 million live outside the borders of the country.
Since 2001, millions of people have abandoned their homes in search of safer places because of the political, social and security instability in Afghanistan, a stronghold of intervention by the United States and its NATO allies.

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