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PublishDate: Thursday, August 23, 2018 12:12

180 Palestinians injured in clashes with Zionist soldiers in eastern Gaza

AVA- Among the 59 admitted to hospitals, a 20-year-old female paramedic and a 10-year-old boy were in critical condition, Ashraf al-Qedra, the Gaza health ministry spokesman, told reporters.
Hundreds of young Palestinians gathered in eastern Gaza close to the borders with Tel Aviv, calling for the end of a Zionist blockade imposed on the coastal enclave since 2007, eyewitnesses said.
They also released dozens of arson balloons from eastern Gaza into Tel Aviv, while cutting and pulling the barbed wires of the border security fence, according to eyewitnesses and local media.
In response, Zionist soldiers fired dozens of tear gas canisters and live gunshots at the demonstrators, they said.
Medical sources and paramedics said dozens suffered suffocation after inhaling tear gas, and around five were shot and wounded by Zionist soldiers' gunfire.
Earlier in the day, Hamas called for people to join the 23rd Friday "Great March of Return" anti- Zionist rally through mosques' loudspeakers.
Senior Hamas leader Khalil al-Hayya has said the weekly protests would only stop when Zionist regime lifts its siege on Gaza. 
The anti- Zionist rally, which began on March 30, has so far left 171 Palestinians killed and more than 18,000 others wounded, according to a Gaza health ministry statement.


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